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Ecommerce Web Design London- Tips For The Best Web Design

If you’re designing an Ecommerce website but aren’t sure how to go about it, this blog will discuss tips for the best Ecommerce Web Design London.

Knowing the best way to design your Ecommerce website can make all the difference to how much traffic you drive to your website. A well-designed Ecommerce website is essential for making sales, but what are the best tips for your web design?

Here are the top tips for the best Ecommerce Website Design London:

  • Ensure your layout is neat
  • Keep your theme and aesthetic consistent
  • Ensure your website can be easily navigated
  • Determine your niche
  • Avoid clutter
  • Ensure a positive user experience
  • Make sure your page has a fast loading time

There are several factors involved in ensuring your Ecommerce website is a success. Although designing a website can be taxing, knowing the best tips can help lessen the load. If you want to learn more about the top tips for the best Ecommerce Web Design London, keep reading!

Top Seven Tips For An Effective Ecommerce Website Design

Designing a website often takes a large amount of time and consideration, especially if your intention is to sell. It’s essential to be strategic with your design process, as it has the potential to make or break your Ecommerce website.

1. Ensure Your Layout Is Neat

Making sure your website’s layout is neat and sleek should be one of your primary focuses. A neat layout ensures your website can be easily read and understood. Many users will oftentimes leave a website if the content on it is scattered, ultimately negatively impacting your bounce rate.

A bounce rate is described as the percentage of people that immediately exit a website after arrival. It’s crucial to ensure you eliminate any factors that could contribute to a high bounce rate!

2. Keep Your Theme and Aesthetic Consistent

Keeping your aesthetic and theme consistent means you aren’t using too many different styles on your website. Ensuring your style is consistent can also help promote your brand identity and make your brand more easily recognisable.

3. Ensure Your Website Can Be Easily Navigated

More often than not, users don’t want to have to figure out how your website works or where to find specific information. By keeping your page’s design simple and conventional, you can ensure users are easily able to find what they’re looking for.

4. Determine Your Niche

Determining what your niche will be is one of the most important steps in establishing your Ecommerce website. If it’s your first time building an E-commerce store, it’s best to stick to one niche so that you don’t overwhelm yourself!

As your Ecommerce shop grows, it’s a good idea to branch out and try different niches. However, you may have to establish a different Ecommerce website for that specific niche.

5. Avoid Clutter

Linking back to the point about keeping your website neat and sleek, it’s also essential to keep your website uncluttered. A cluttered website is often unappealing and can make it tricky to find pertinent information. That said, ensure your content is placed in an orderly format to avoid the page looking cluttered.

6. Ensure A Positive User Experience

A positive user experience is often the backbone of the success of an Ecommerce website. If the user enjoyed browsing your website, they’re likely to come back and purchase something if they haven’t already. By producing a neat, aesthetic, and easy-to-navigate website, you can ensure users are happy to be on your website!

7. Make Sure Your Page Has A Fast Loading Time

A quick loading time is essential for the success of your Ecommerce website. Many people will often leave the page if it takes longer than a couple of seconds to load. You can ensure your page has a fast loading time by making refinements such as adjusting your images.

Final Thoughts

Designing a successful website is an incredibly gratifying experience, and you can do so by making sure to follow the best tips!

eCommerce web design in London

How to Create an Effective Ecommerce Web Design London

If you’re new to Ecommerce and need to design your website, this guide will tell you how to successfully build your Ecommerce Website Design London. Building a website for your Ecommerce store can often be quite challenging, as there are several factors you need to consider. To make your site-building process more smooth-sailing, it’s best to know the basics first.

Here is how to create a successful Ecommerce Web Design London:

  • Determine your website/store’s name
  • Decide what platform you’ll use to sell your products
  • Determine your niche
  • Find reputable suppliers
  • Register your business
  • Design your website
  • Set up your payment and shipping options
  • List your products
  • Launch your website
  • Implement marketing and SEO strategies

Creating an Ecommerce website is typically a very long and detailed process that many get overwhelmed by. Keep reading to learn how you create an effective Ecommerce website!

Ten Steps for Building your Ecommerce Website

It’s no surprise that many of those who do Ecommerce become discouraged when it’s time to create a website. Numerous things appear unforeseen, so it’s important to know the details when building your Ecommerce web design.

1. Determine Your Website/Store’s Name

First and foremost, you need to come up with a name for your business. This part seems simple but can be tricky, as you don’t want a name that’s too complicated or generic. The best route would be to decide on a name that relates to your niche. Try not to rush through this step!

After you’ve determined your web name, you’ll need to purchase your domain using a site such as Google Domains. If the name you’ve chosen is taken, you’ll have to decide on a different name. Buying your website domain isn’t costly, and it typically works by paying an annual fee.

2. Decide What Platform You’ll Use to Sell Your Products

There are several Ecommerce platforms available, all of which offer something different in terms of features and functionality. The platform you decide to use will depend greatly on your preferences and the monthly costs you’re willing to pay. Many Ecommerce platforms give you a trial period so you can test-run the platform before committing. Test the waters for some of the platforms, and you can decide which one works best for you!

3. Determine Your Niche

The third step is deciding what your niche will be. Your niche is what you specialise in selling or providing. Some niches include fitness and health, pets, or lifestyle and beauty. Your niche will determine the types of products you’ll list on your platform.

For example, if your niche is lifestyle and beauty, you’ll focus on selling products such as eyelash curlers, electric razors, etc. It’s possible to have several niches, but it’s best to stick to one if you’re just starting with Ecommerce.

4. Find Reputable Suppliers

This step is one of the most important steps for building your Ecommerce website, as your supplier will determine the quality of your products. It’s crucial to do your research on your supplier, especially if you’re looking at international suppliers. If your supplier isn’t quality or reputable, your customers will likely be unsatisfied with their orders, and it’ll reflect on you and your brand.

5. Register Your Business

This is a pivotal step that many may forget. Registering your business is critical if you want to be a licensed organisation with the necessary paperwork that registers you as a limited liability company, corporation, etc. Getting the necessary paperwork out the way is a paramount step for ensuring your business is licensed to make sales.

6. Design Your Website

After you’ve got the registration logistics out the way, you can start focusing on designing your website. It’s important to ensure your website not only looks great but is also functional and easy to navigate. This step may take a bit more time, as you’ll have to test your site a few times so that you’re confident it works well. Remember to keep aspects such as user experience and functionality in mind when designing your website!

7. Set Up Your Payment and Shipping Options

Setting up payment and shipping options that cater to international payments is crucial for ensuring that payments and shipments from all over the globe can be made. By allowing payment options such as Visa, PayPal, etc., you can be confident that anyone can buy from your store. It may be easier to accommodate international shipping once your business scales, so don’t worry if you need to stick to local deliveries in the meantime!

8. List Your Products

This step is usually time-consuming, as you have to list your products individually. If you need to create descriptions for the products, take your time with them. Your descriptions will aid in making your sales, as how you describe and sell your product has the power to persuade people to purchase it. Remember to stick to products that are relevant to your niche.

9. Launch Your Website

Once you’ve made the necessary tweaks and spent time making your website presentable and functional, you can finally launch it! It’s important to remember to test your website’s functionality and navigation before launching, as a website that is difficult or confusing for someone to find their way around will have a high bounce rate. An aesthetic, sleek, and easy-to-navigate website will aid you in making sales, as people like websites that are predictable and not a challenge to figure out!

10. Implement Marketing and SEO Strategies

To help your website gain traction and visibility for search engines, it’s crucial to implement effective marketing strategies. Promoting your Ecommerce website on several platforms and having others advertise it for you can help you gain more customers and ultimately more sales.

Final Thoughts

Designing and building an Ecommerce website is usually time-consuming and can be overwhelming if it’s your first time doing so. Although the process can be stressful, knowing what to do step-by-step can lessen the load!

eCommerce web design in London

7 Incredibly Essential Factors of eCommerce Website Design

Are you planning to create an eCommerce store to grow your business online? Learn factors to consider while building an eCommerce website design. Also, understand the importance of hiring an agency in setting up an online business.

Do you know the world has more than 12 million eCommerce stores? Also, there are at least 2.14 billion buyers on the Internet – which make around 27% of the world’s total population. And, these numbers are expected to grow more in the future. It means if you don’t have an online store yet, you are missing a big part of your audience.

It is true that creating an eCommerce store is relatively easier than before, thanks to built-in templates and designs. However, if you want your London-based business to stay among the top online stores in your category, you require professionals to create your site’s eCommerce web design in London to suit your brand and meet the modern trends to perform well on search engines.

Importance of eCommerce Web Design

A website’s design is an integral part of an eCommerce store. The best design will not only help your business look good online but also provide visitors with an exceptional experience, increase sales, and make it perform well on Google.

Some other reasons to get an eCommerce website design in London are:

First Impression: A design created from scratch will be unique. Also, it will be aligned with your business to provide visitors with an idea about your services.

User Experience: A design made by professionals will attract visitors with its easy-to-navigate interface. It becomes a lot easier for visitors to find what they are looking for.

Brand Awareness: Your website’s design will make it easier for visitors to understand your business and its services.

Factors to Consider for Creating an Outstanding eCommerce Website Design

Designing an online store is different from creating a business website to educate visitors. There are a number of factors to consider when working with professionals on eCommerce website design in London for your business.


Many times, businesses do so much with their web design to make their websites look unique and attractive. However, the key is to make your eCommerce website look simple yet striking.

Remember, the more elements you add to the website, the more complex it becomes for visitors to navigate.


When it comes to online shopping, most of the shoppers choose established brands over lesser-known websites. To make your eCommerce store look trustworthy, consider branding as an important factor. In addition to attractive eCommerce website design, pay attention to your website logo and pictures on the homepage.

Visitors’ Preferences

No matter how much you spend on your website’s design, it is the best for your business only when it is liked by your visitors. When working on the design part of your site, consider your potential visitors’ preferences.

High-quality Images

During online shopping, product images are the only credible source that shoppers get. If they aren’t high-quality pictures, it becomes nearly impossible to encourage visitors to buy something from your store.

Scalable Content

In addition to quality pictures, you require useful and easy-to-read product descriptions to educate visitors on products on your website. Rather than just throwing texts, break your content into different sections to make it easier for visitors to navigate through your webpage.

Feedback and Reviews

To gain the trust of your visitors, make them aware of your current and past customers’ experience with your online store. An effective way to do this is to post your buyers’ reviews and feedback on a product page.

Easy-to-navigate Categories

It doesn’t matter how many products or categories your website has. What matters is how easily visitors can navigate through all the categories. When working on your site’s design, ensure that there are only a few categories.

In the End

Now that you are aware of all the essential factors, it’s time to hire experts to build your online store. If you’re in search of an agency for eCommerce web design in London, come to So Creative.

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5 Reasons You Must Hire the Services of eCommerce Website Design in London

People will look back at 2020 and remember the year that the pandemic changed the way we shop. In the last year, we’ve seen unprecedented growth in the eCommerce industry – which boomed during the rise of the COVID-19. Even if you’ve a brick-and-mortar store, you require the services of eCommerce web design in London to stay ahead of the competition today. 

As per PwC research, around 17,500 stores closed in Great Britain amid the coronavirus crisis in 2020. Consider yourself lucky if your shop has survived the crisis. However, the future is going to be challenging for brick-and-mortar stores – even today when the world is reopening after multiple waves of the deadly virus.

During the crisis, many brick-and-mortar stores switched to eCommerce website design to keep their businesses running. And, guess what? It was a successful move. Many of these UK-based businesses not only survived but grew immensely – even during a period when the markets and shopping centres were closed for the public. 

Still, if you think you don’t need the services of eCommerce website design in London, here are some reasons to tell you the importance of an online website for your business:

eCommerce Isn’t Just for Globalisation

Earlier, only those businesses had an eCommerce store that wanted to globalise their services. These included popular brands and chains. 

However, in the last few years, there has been a revolution in the digital and eCommerce industries, which the COVID-19 pandemic amplified. During these tough times, people weren’t allowed to go out and shop from brick-and-mortar stores, businesses found a way to reach customers’ doorstep: eCommerce websites.

Today, apart from international consumers, local customers also buy from an online store. 

More People Prefer Online Shopping

According to various reports, around 2.14 billion people did online shopping in 2021. In the UK alone, eCommerce accounted for at least 25% of total retail sales. 

Many London-based businesses took the services of eCommerce website design in the recent past to take their businesses online and attract online shoppers. 

Experts have predicted that online shopping trends are going to rise more in the near future. As more people will shop online, it is a wise decision to bring your business over the Internet.

Brand Awareness

An eCommerce website not only helps you sell products/services online but also helps create awareness around your brand. 

You can promote your online store on various platforms to attract potential customers and tell them about your products. Also, if you’ve launched a new product, you can tell people about it through your eCommerce store.

Global Customers

One of the significant reasons to hire the services of eCommerce web design in London for your online store is that they help you grab the attention of global customers. You can connect with people from all around the world, tell them about your products, and enable them to purchase your products/services from any part of the world. 

Easy Marketing

Traditional marketing methods like television ads and billboards are expensive ways to promote a business and its services. In addition, they only help you reach people who watch these advertisements somewhere.

On the other hand, an eCommerce business provides you with the flexibility to promote your brand and its services to a wider audience over the World Wide Web. You can use a number of platforms on the Internet to reach your local and international audiences. Also, online marketing methods are way more cost-effective than traditional ads.

In the End

Now, are you all set to take your business online? If yes, then you require the services of web design in London. Come to So Creative and get professional website design services to suit your services. Contact us.

eCommerce web design in London

Design for Success: Importance of an ECommerce Website Design

As per an Oberlo report, the world will have more than 2.14 billion online shoppers globally (over 27% of the world population) soon. Also, the same report reveals that at least 81% of buyers conduct research before ordering something online. 

Specialised eCommerce website design in London is incredibly important for your business. A great design can help your online store attract more customers, provide them with an exceptional navigation experience, and rank higher on search engines.

But, why is website design so important?

Pic Credit: Oberlo
Pic Credit: Oberlo

As per reports, around 38% of visitors leave a website immediately after noticing that its design is unattractive. Also, a little less than 50% of people believe that a website’s design is one of the key factors to determine a store’s credibility.

Apart from these stats, there are many other things that highlight the importance of eCommerce website design.

First Impression

Gone are the days when a business website was a luxury or just a medium to mark the online presence of a business. The world has digitised over the last few years, and websites help people globalise their businesses and sell their products/services to customers worldwide.
Today, the world has around 12 million – 24 million eCommerce stores. And, there are possibilities that many of these websites belong to your industry or provide services same as your business. To stay ahead in the competition, you need an eCommerce store that stands out.
Remember, you will get only one chance to impress your visitors. As per a study, people take an average of only 0.05 seconds to form an opinion on a website. It means you get just 50 milliseconds to impress your potential customers. 
A unique website design can help your store appear positively different. In addition, it helps create an impeccable first impression on your potential customers.

Customer Experience

At least 38% of consumers say that they consider a web page’s layout and navigation during the first visit to a website. If they find that the page is difficult to explore or the navigation menu isn’t working well, they leave the website and look for an alternative.
It is very important to engage your potential customers with your website. An agency that offers services of eCommerce web design in London can help you get an attractive design that smoothens your visitors’ experience with your site’s navigation. 
Professional website designers create your website from scratch to ensure that it stands out in the herd of websites. In addition, they consider visitor experience while designing a website to make sure that it’s simple yet striking and easy to navigate through.

Boosted Sales

The more time visitors spend on your eCommerce store, the more are their chances of purchasing your products/services. And, the only way to make people stay on your website is to engage them with your eCommerce store. 

Experts in eCommerce website design can help you create a website that attracts people, engages them with the content in your web pages, and makes it easy for them to make a purchase. 

Experienced designers create an eCommerce store that is attractive and easy to explore. Such features enable visitors to navigate through different product pages of your website and reach a page that provides them with the required products/services.

Consistent Brand Image

In today’s Internet-friendly world, you may be using many other platforms than just your eCommerce store to promote your services, reach potential customers, and convince people to invest in your products/services. When you use multiple platforms, it becomes necessary to keep your business image consistent. 

Your design should be able to match your brand and convey the message efficiently. For example, if you’ve a wedding website, then its theme should be delicate. On the other hand, in case you sell survival gear online, your eCommerce store must be related to something outdoorsy.

A website design expert considers your brand and designs a website that matches the brand’s image.

SEO-Friendly Features

Honestly speaking, a beautiful design alone can get you all the customers online. It is necessary for your website to appear among the top results when people search for services similar to what your business offers.

A professional agency that offers specialised services of eCommerce website design in London can help you create an SEO-friendly online store that can easily be optimised for SERPs.

In the End

A website design is a stepping stone to take your business online, promote it among potential customers, and encourage them to make a purchase.
If you’re in search of a highly experienced and reputed agency for the services of eCommerce web design in London, come to So Creative. Here, you get dedicated website design services from experienced professionals. 

Contact us to know more about eCommerce website design.

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