5 Reasons You Must Hire the Services of eCommerce Website Design in London

5 Reasons You Must Hire the Services of eCommerce Website Design in London

People will look back at 2020 and remember the year that the pandemic changed the way we shop. In the last year, we’ve seen unprecedented growth in the eCommerce industry – which boomed during the rise of the COVID-19. Even if you’ve a brick-and-mortar store, you require the services of eCommerce web design in London to stay ahead of the competition today. 

As per PwC research, around 17,500 stores closed in Great Britain amid the coronavirus crisis in 2020. Consider yourself lucky if your shop has survived the crisis. However, the future is going to be challenging for brick-and-mortar stores – even today when the world is reopening after multiple waves of the deadly virus.

During the crisis, many brick-and-mortar stores switched to eCommerce website design to keep their businesses running. And, guess what? It was a successful move. Many of these UK-based businesses not only survived but grew immensely – even during a period when the markets and shopping centres were closed for the public. 

Still, if you think you don’t need the services of eCommerce website design in London, here are some reasons to tell you the importance of an online website for your business:

eCommerce Isn’t Just for Globalisation

Earlier, only those businesses had an eCommerce store that wanted to globalise their services. These included popular brands and chains. 

However, in the last few years, there has been a revolution in the digital and eCommerce industries, which the COVID-19 pandemic amplified. During these tough times, people weren’t allowed to go out and shop from brick-and-mortar stores, businesses found a way to reach customers’ doorstep: eCommerce websites.

Today, apart from international consumers, local customers also buy from an online store. 

More People Prefer Online Shopping

According to various reports, around 2.14 billion people did online shopping in 2021. In the UK alone, eCommerce accounted for at least 25% of total retail sales. 

Many London-based businesses took the services of eCommerce website design in the recent past to take their businesses online and attract online shoppers. 

Experts have predicted that online shopping trends are going to rise more in the near future. As more people will shop online, it is a wise decision to bring your business over the Internet.

Brand Awareness

An eCommerce website not only helps you sell products/services online but also helps create awareness around your brand. 

You can promote your online store on various platforms to attract potential customers and tell them about your products. Also, if you’ve launched a new product, you can tell people about it through your eCommerce store.

Global Customers

One of the significant reasons to hire the services of eCommerce web design in London for your online store is that they help you grab the attention of global customers. You can connect with people from all around the world, tell them about your products, and enable them to purchase your products/services from any part of the world. 

Easy Marketing

Traditional marketing methods like television ads and billboards are expensive ways to promote a business and its services. In addition, they only help you reach people who watch these advertisements somewhere.

On the other hand, an eCommerce business provides you with the flexibility to promote your brand and its services to a wider audience over the World Wide Web. You can use a number of platforms on the Internet to reach your local and international audiences. Also, online marketing methods are way more cost-effective than traditional ads.

In the End

Now, are you all set to take your business online? If yes, then you require the services of web design in London. Come to So Creative and get professional website design services to suit your services. Contact us.

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