7 Incredibly Essential Factors of eCommerce Website Design

7 Incredibly Essential Factors of eCommerce Website Design

Are you planning to create an eCommerce store to grow your business online? Learn factors to consider while building an eCommerce website design. Also, understand the importance of hiring an agency in setting up an online business.

Do you know the world has more than 12 million eCommerce stores? Also, there are at least 2.14 billion buyers on the Internet – which make around 27% of the world’s total population. And, these numbers are expected to grow more in the future. It means if you don’t have an online store yet, you are missing a big part of your audience.

It is true that creating an eCommerce store is relatively easier than before, thanks to built-in templates and designs. However, if you want your London-based business to stay among the top online stores in your category, you require professionals to create your site’s eCommerce web design in London to suit your brand and meet the modern trends to perform well on search engines.

Importance of eCommerce Web Design

A website’s design is an integral part of an eCommerce store. The best design will not only help your business look good online but also provide visitors with an exceptional experience, increase sales, and make it perform well on Google.

Some other reasons to get an eCommerce website design in London are:

First Impression: A design created from scratch will be unique. Also, it will be aligned with your business to provide visitors with an idea about your services.

User Experience: A design made by professionals will attract visitors with its easy-to-navigate interface. It becomes a lot easier for visitors to find what they are looking for.

Brand Awareness: Your website’s design will make it easier for visitors to understand your business and its services.

Factors to Consider for Creating an Outstanding eCommerce Website Design

Designing an online store is different from creating a business website to educate visitors. There are a number of factors to consider when working with professionals on eCommerce website design in London for your business.


Many times, businesses do so much with their web design to make their websites look unique and attractive. However, the key is to make your eCommerce website look simple yet striking.

Remember, the more elements you add to the website, the more complex it becomes for visitors to navigate.


When it comes to online shopping, most of the shoppers choose established brands over lesser-known websites. To make your eCommerce store look trustworthy, consider branding as an important factor. In addition to attractive eCommerce website design, pay attention to your website logo and pictures on the homepage.

Visitors’ Preferences

No matter how much you spend on your website’s design, it is the best for your business only when it is liked by your visitors. When working on the design part of your site, consider your potential visitors’ preferences.

High-quality Images

During online shopping, product images are the only credible source that shoppers get. If they aren’t high-quality pictures, it becomes nearly impossible to encourage visitors to buy something from your store.

Scalable Content

In addition to quality pictures, you require useful and easy-to-read product descriptions to educate visitors on products on your website. Rather than just throwing texts, break your content into different sections to make it easier for visitors to navigate through your webpage.

Feedback and Reviews

To gain the trust of your visitors, make them aware of your current and past customers’ experience with your online store. An effective way to do this is to post your buyers’ reviews and feedback on a product page.

Easy-to-navigate Categories

It doesn’t matter how many products or categories your website has. What matters is how easily visitors can navigate through all the categories. When working on your site’s design, ensure that there are only a few categories.

In the End

Now that you are aware of all the essential factors, it’s time to hire experts to build your online store. If you’re in search of an agency for eCommerce web design in London, come to So Creative.

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