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Facebook and Google Ads Expertise turns clicks into customers

Over recent years, So-Creative has proved itself to be a highly effective Facebook & Google Ads agency in London.
Our team goes beyond reach and clicks to bring you new and loyal customers. Our combined creative flair and
technical know-how means we are ideally placed to design and deliver winning campaigns.

Brand Awareness

A Distinctive Approach to Facebook & Google Ads

Digital ads are amongst the most powerful tools available to businesses looking for an audience. As an innovative Facebook & google ads agency London-based brands often turn to, we instinctively understand both platforms and share our skills with a broad range of clients. ​We know Facebook and Google offer highly sophisticated tools to help pinpoint ideal customers. We can seek out tightly defined audiences based on demographics, interests, online behaviour and even their stage in the buyer’s journey. As a leading Facebook & google ads agency in London, of course, we use this precision to maximise conversion.

Digital advertising presents significant opportunities for analysis and optimisation. Thanks to Facebook & Google’s tracking tools, So-Creative can monitor the performance of any campaign in real time and make quick adjustments to deployment and messaging. With numerous engaging ad formats to choose from, So-Creative’s ad design team can make your brand highly visible. Facebook and Google offer unprecedented financial controls. We can work with you to set clear daily, monthly and lifetime campaign budgets so you’ll always feel in control.

What Sets Our Facebook & Google Ads Agency Services Apart

Why choose So-Creative as your Facebook & Google Ads agency in London? We have a proven track record across a wide range of campaigns. We have become a tried and tested provider of creative, effective campaigns that look beyond clicks to generate significant return-on-investment.

Effective & Engaging Ad Design
Revenue Focused Campaign Management
Increased Reach & Brand Awareness
Unparalleled Conversion Rates

We’re the Facebook & Google Ads Agency You've Been Waiting For

Beyond a standard agency, we’re a team of dedicated experts genuinely invested in your success. It is why we’ve become the Facebook & Google Ads agency London-based brands have come to trust.

Google Certified Partner

The So-Creative team’s Google Partner certification demonstrates our campaign management skills and expertise are top-class. Rigorously policed and enforced, agencies earn their prized places with Google by delivering consistently successful campaigns aligned with industry best practices. Being a partner gives us access to exclusive training, resources, updates and industry news directly from Google HQ. As a Google Ads Agency London-based brands count on it is vital we stay up-to-date with the latest ad campaign tools, innovations, opportunities, trends and strategies. Choosing to work with a Google Certified Partner like So-Creative is a shortcut to high-quality digital advertising management and increases the likelihood of lucrative campaign success.

Innovative Ad Creation & Split Testing

You don’t have to look far for a Facebook & Google Ads agency London-based creative team. They are constantly innovating and wowing our clients with campaigns that surpass expectations. They are also skilled at Split testing, sometimes known as A/B testing. An invaluable tool for optimising digital ads, split testing means we can back up our campaigns with hard data. It tells us what works and what doesn’t. This data-driven approach removes any guesswork and identifies high-performing campaign elements. This means So-Creative can target ad spend with laser-sharp accuracy and earn you unmatched returns.

Click Fraud Protection

Click fraud protection is a critical safeguard for anyone investing in digital marketing. Click bots and fraudulent clicks can waste ad spend and disrupt your communication with genuine customers. At So-Creative, we apply tools that detect and prevent click fraud as a matter of course. This means you can trust campaign performance metrics and have confidence that any optimisation recommendations come from genuine user insights. This not only preserves the integrity of the data but also enhances campaign ROI as ad spending is focused on legitimate clicks from real potential customers. Click fraud protection is part of our wider commitment to transparency and accountability without clients.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on Investment (ROI) holds paramount importance at So-Creative. We know it serves as the ultimate metric for measuring campaign effectiveness. A return on any ad spend provides concrete evidence of success whereas a campaign that doesn’t make money has to be considered a failure. We also understand our clients rely on ROI data to make informed decisions, optimise strategies and allocate budgets wisely. Thanks to the skills and experience of our Facebook & Google ad campaign managers, we can help you identify lucrative channels, creative elements and target demographics. It is why, unlike some Facebook & Google Ads agencies in London, we are never happy just chasing clicks. We know real value comes from turning clicks into customers.

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