Features That All Business Websites in Essex Should Have

Some years ago, the prevailing wisdom in business circles declared that any business without a website would be outcompeted and shunned by consumers by 2020. On the whole, this edict rang true as businesses were forced online due to declining trade in store.

“Only astrophysicists knew about the Internet 20 years ago. Today my cat has a website.” – Bill Clinton

Today, Bill Clinton’s cat’s website is horribly out of date – a relic of late-90s internet architecture which any web designer in Essex would be able to out-do on their lunch break. The focus for businesses serious about harnessing the power of the internet in the 2020s has to be upon impeccable website function and unbeatable web design.

Informed by the years of experience held by our web design company Essex, this article is your slow boat along the meandering river of web design, showing you which features our designers use at each important step of a user’s journey towards and through your website. These include:

  • How a Website is Found: None of what follows matters if no one can find your website. Digital marketing will drive the right kind of traffic to your site.
  • How a Website Loads: If your website takes more than a second or two to load, web users will flee like rats from a sinking ship. There are technical solutions to slow-loading websites.
  • How a Website Looks: Your website’s aesthetics are the single most important factor in attracting or repelling visitors to your site. Make them beautiful to keep visitors on your pages.
  • How a Website Speaks: This is all about branding and messaging. User Experience (UX) design is how you’ll communicate your key messages on your site.
  • How a Website Works: The sitemap and functionality will draw visitors from your landing page to your products and checkout pages. Optimise these pages to improve your conversion rate.
  • How a Website is Updated: A website is a painting on which the paint never dries. To avoid looking outdated and boring, periodic updates and maintenance are required.

Let’s not waste any time, then – here’s what you need to know about website features for Essex websites – as explained by a leading web design company in Essex.

“There’s so much great web content and design out there, but the ways in which they are being experienced are not being maximised.” – Dhani Harrison

How a Website is Found

Before a website is even experienced, it is first found. And when it’s nigh-on impossible to find your website, it may as well not exist. Our Essex web design team have long admired this piece of industry gallows humour from a few years back:

“The best place to hide a head body is Page Two of Google.” – Unknown

The message is pretty simple: no one is clicking through to page two on Google’s search results listings. It’s where websites go to die. Your website might be on page two (or worse) for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Too few keywords on your website to show Google who you are and what your business provides.
  • Poor Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work on your website, demoting your site in favour of your competitors.
  • A lack of meta tags, content labels and descriptions, and on-site media. The more of this you have, the more favourable Google’s algorithm looks upon you.
  • Untrustworthy links on your website, suggesting to Google’s algorithm that your business might be a scam.
  • A difficult-to-spell brand name, or a difficult-to-remember URL. Keep this as simple as possible to attract searches for your business name on Google.

“Domain names and websites are Internet real estate.” – Marc Ostrofsky

Don’t buy digital real estate where no one will be interested in visiting – and don’t choose a domain name that’s not memorable. These are key but often overlooked fundamentals in getting found (or lost) online.

All web design companies in Essex should also be able to perform basic marketing functions for you and your website. Our team of Essex SEO experts and Essex digital marketing specialists, meanwhile, are trained to perform the full spectrum of marketing duties for your website: from content creation to back-end code rewriting to enhance your SEO.

“You can’t expect to just write and have visitors come to you. That’s too passive.” – Anita Campbell

Last century, building a store on a busy street was enough to guarantee custom. Do the same in the digital world, and billions of web users can still pass you by as if you simply do not exist. Only a digital marketing agency Essex can begin drawing a portion of those billions of consumers towards your site.

And ideally, you want those to be the right kind of consumer. The average conversion rate for websites sits between 1% and 3% – a horrifying stat for those with low traffic to begin with. Using Essex SEO wisely should be able to both boost your traffic AND your relevancy, so you hit double-digit conversion rates on your site. Of course, this means bumper profits for your Essex business.

How a Website Loads

Until five years ago, the length of time that a website took to load wasn’t considered much of a problem. For the people who grew up with dial-up internet and browsers on the precursors of smartphones, the internet in 2015 was incredibly fast. But standards have since shot up – dramatically.

We’ve seen the same from our standpoint as a Essex web design company. Today, an amazing 99% of the country has access to the internet on a smartphone, and 98% use social media. Internet in the UK is ultra-fast. Seconds matter. Actually, split-seconds matter. Several studies have confirmed that four seconds is pretty much the limit for modern consumers. Anything over that, and they’re already off loading a different website.

“A bad website is like a grumpy salesperson.” – Jakob Nielsen

Nielsen has it right: just as you’d high-tail it out of a store in which you’ve been treated rudely, you high-tail it away from a website that doesn’t load – or loads poorly. One large-scale research report found that websites that are slow to load result in a staggering $2.6 billion in lost revenue per year.

Is yours one such website? Our web design company Essex are keen to bring your website squarely in to the 2020s, ramping up your loading speed while keeping all your juiciest content on your main landing page. To do this, we’ll:

  • Use the right script embed and code language so that elements of your site load faster.
  • Reduce the size of your image files so they look as good on phones and on desktops, but they require less time to load.
  • Make use of web tools in the back-end that prioritise loading the top of your landing page before the content that’s off-screen towards the bottom.
  • Recommend that you re-upload videos and GIFs that might be slowing the overall load time of your site.

In spite of the need to reduce your website’s loading time, it’s also the case that longer landing pages get more conversions – 638% more, to be precise. That means we’re always going to be trying to strike a balance between simplicity and piles upon piles of content – to net you the best ROI.

All these changes can be completed within a fairly short space of time by our Essex web design team – and the difference, in terms of your traffic, will be instantly felt.

How a Website Looks

This one might seem obvious. A pretty website can’t do any harm to your brand, and won’t push people off your site. An ugly website does the opposite. A really ugly one will be left, on average, before a second has elapsed.

Think this is all just anecdotal? The data bears us out: a whopping 94% of first impressions relate to the visual design of your website. After visiting once, 52% of consumers blame aesthetics for their not returning to a website. Certain studies and white papers have found that this is the single most important factor for your business website. You simply have to get it right.

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” – Milton Glaser

Our web design company Essex knows the ropes where a website’s visual appeal is concerned – and we’re interested in creating a ‘WOW’ website – not a passable one. We do this in dialogue with you about the essence of your business and brand – and, importantly, the type of consumer you’re trying to target with it.

The philosophy we follow is similar to that of web design expert Gerry McGovern, who believes that:

“Designing a website can be a bit like being a kid and inheriting a sweetshop. It’s easy to get carried away. There are so many choices. A website can be like an attic that never fills up. Space is not the problem. Attention is.” – Gerry McGovern

In short: there are literally thousands of bells and whistles out there we could place on your website – in just the same way as WordPress has thousands of plug-ins. We can kit your site out with chatbots and pop-ups, prompts and buttons, animations and embedded social media scrollers. But really, we’re looking to create something spacious and visually appealing. We’ll do that by:

  • Adhering to modern design standards set by the leading websites on the internet today.
  • Discussing with you which websites you’d most like to emulate in terms of visual design.
  • Using our knowledge of user expectations to tailor the look of your website to suit certain target demographics.
  • Performing research on your direct competitors in Essex in order to ensure your site outperforms theirs.
  • Making use of our best Essex web designers for each and every client that we engage with.

If the result of our work is something that gives the web user a breath of relief, encouraging them to slow down, explore your content, and flow naturally towards the pages on which you’ll convert them to a happy customer, we’ll have accomplished our mission.

And, of course, it goes without saying that better visual design means more conversions, a larger customer base, and a great return on your investment in our Essex web design skills.

“Design adds value faster than it adds costs.” – Joel Spolsky

How a Website Speaks

Can a website really speak? It depends who you’re asking. Any UX designer in Essex will tell you that every medium has a way of speaking to its audience – and that a website is constantly throwing out messaging to the end user; messaging that’s either persuasive or off-putting.

To control that messaging, you need a web design company Essex to help you think clearly and strategically about what you want your website to say to visiting consumers. Without this key insight, you’ll lose customers: 89% of consumers swap to a competitor if they have a poor user experience on your site.

“A website is a window through which your business says hello to the world.” – Amit Kalantri

When you’ve worked holistically with your Essex web developer team from the start, you’ll already have identified a target market in Essex. You’ll know who they are, what they tend to buy, and where their expectations are set. This is a brilliant start to help any UX designer to hit the ground running on your site. By and large, smart UX design will also:

  • Manage your tone. The tone of voice on your website – friendly, professional, austere, bland – is the register in which you’re speaking to end users. Make that tone reflect your brand.
  • Change your palette. UX designers are well aware of how colour influences consumers. Red equals passion, danger, and love. Gold, dark blue, and maroon are all associated with luxury. Your colours should express what your brand is about.
  • Be a guide. Users don’t want to have to solve a Chinese puzzle to navigate your website. Make it as friction-free and seamless as possible to keep them right up to the point of sale.
  • Optimise for mobile. Unsurprisingly, 65% of customers think better of a brand if its website offers a good mobile experience. If you’re not designing for mobile, your UX for mobile consumers will push them away from your site.
  • Curating your content. The best websites have dynamite content that’s been smartly designed by professional graphic designers. The way that content is shared and presented will decide whether it’s read or watched – or skimmed beyond.

On this last point, it’s clear that consumers are now expecting high-quality video content on your website. 80% of consumers only read the headline of blog posts and articles on your website – ignoring the main text. But 80% will watch a video in which the text is spoken to moving pictures.

This is how you’ll share the essence of your business – in videos featuring sweeping shots of your restaurant, or a break-down of the fintech solution you’re selling to Essex expats. Our web design company Essex will help you curate such videos.

“No one comes to your website to be entertained. They have questions they think you can answer. Content answers questions.” – Jay Baer

All that said, never lose touch of what your website’s for. It’s a functional asset your business uses to build its customer base, market itself, and deliver sales. So how a website works is till a pretty important element in your web design Essex priorities.

How a Website Works

After all of the above, you’re probably feeling a little bit swamped in the details, the jargon, and the tasks. So we thought we’d round off this section with a back-to-basics guide to how your website ought to work. Stripped down, what’s your site’s purpose? Perhaps it’s:

  • To get found locally. Around 90% of people use the internet to find local businesses. Listing yours online will generate you local custom.
  • For your reputation. If you’re online, you’re regarded as trustworthy. If you have dozens of positive online reviews, that’ll tip the balance permanently in your favour.
  • To outcompete and undercut. Other firms will have worse websites and higher prices. Some 40% of consumers check other outlets’ prices before making a purchase. Making yours the best will net you the customer.
  • To drive sales. The bottom line for most business websites: being online means you should generate more sales. You should find ore customers, convert more customers, and encourage them to buy more of your products or services.

Whatever the core reason behind your investment in a website, you need to ensure it works. In the simplest terms, this means paying a subscription for your domain name – or buying it outright. It means paying for web hosting, which you’ll pay for monthly or annually. Your website will go offline if neither of these essentials are met.

Further, you need to invest in privacy and cybersecurity measures on your website. Too many are the cases we’ve witnessed of promising Essex companies failing to build secure websites – and suffering as a result. Our expert Essex web designers always keep your site’s security in the forefront of our minds.

“The power of a website comes from the people using it, not the people making it.” – Chris Edwards

Then there are the really simple functionality features we need to get just right on your website. People using your site want buttons to connect to the pages they expect them to connect to. They want pop-ups to pop up when they need them. They need payments to process smoothly, or they’ll simply leave your site.

Rest assured, whether we’re editing your current website, making you a new one, or starting your first website from scratch, our Essex web designers will pay close attention to all these features to ensure your website works perfectly.

How a Website is Updated

Finally, we’ve got just enough time to show you how important it is to have a web design company Essex to lift the hood on your website from time to time. We’ll not be checking the oil or the window washer fluid – but we will be tweaking your SEO, repairing broken links, and optimising new content uploaded on your CMS system.

”Web analytics is a fire extinguisher. Your website is on fire and you’re burning cash.” – Jim Sterne

Moreover, we’ll be delighted to give your website a little test to see how it’s faring in Google’s search results – and in terms of conversion rates. We’ll use web analytics – like some of the tools provided by Neil Patel – to help us form an idea of where your website can be improved.

That means briefly coming through all the stages outlined above once more. Is your website being found by Essex residents? Do you need a Essex web designer to improve your site’s aesthetics of workability? How fast is your site loading, and what’s the UX direction of its messaging?

Our web design company Essex is quick to locate and act upon the areas where we can improve your conversion rate – keeping it firmly in the double figures, which is likely to be significantly better than your UK rivals.

Get in Touch Today!

Whatever your budget, whatever your business, we’re interested in hearing from you. Drop us a line, pop us a message, or give us a bell to discuss, free of charge, what you might have in mind for your new business website.

We’re especially interested in building websites for new businesses – as the ROI you’ll receive once your site’s live is an instant shot in the arm for a startup that’s looking for its first foothold in the UK economy. As one of the principal thought leaders in web design, Amit Kalantri, has wisely suggested:

“In the information age, build a website before you build a workplace.” – Amit Kalantri

Today, a website proceeds a workplace. You create your social media pages before you’ve designed your brand’s logo. And you should get the ball rolling on your website as soon as you’re ready for Essex residents to find your firm online.


How to Take Your Company Online in 2021

It’s clear to anyone with their finger on the pulse of the modern economy that the world is changing – and that businesses are packing up shop and heading online in their droves.

Online commerce, digital marketing, and web-based trade are only set to grow into the future, eclipsing physical stores completely. Researchers estimate that by 2040, 95% of all purchases will take place online. This is not a party you can afford to be late to.

Our web design company Essex is at hand for a free consultation about your business and your ambitions to get it online in the UK this year. But, for now, here’s our complete, no-nonsense guide to unfurling your brand’s flag on the world wide web for customers to find online.

Why Go Online?

If you’re still in need of a little persuasion before you get involved in web design essex, we’ve arranged a little bit of a crash course for you to undergo. By the end of this section, you’ll have a better idea of why it’s worth making the investment in 2021 to get your firm online.

The benefits of taking your business online have been written about ad nauseum from the individual case-study perspective – but what about that stats? You can’t argue with stats, right?

  • There are 40,000 Google searches made every second – hundreds of them in the UAE. Each search is looking for a website, a product, or a service that you might offer. Being present online gives you the chance of securing their dirham.
  • Data in 2018 suggested that over half of small businesses didn’t have websites at all. There are still thousands of businesses in essex without a well-built web presence. They’re your competition, and it’s worth getting in line ahead of them.
  • There’s research out there that suggests that 71% of people believe they’ll get a better deal online. They’ll overlook you – even if you have a better deal available offline – if you don’t have a website.
  • Ecommerce sales topped $3.45 billion in 2019; that figure is forecast to more than double when all the beans are counted for 2020. Accessing a tiny sliver of this giant pie is what creating a business website in essex is all about.

All that said, we cannot agree more with Andrew Yang when he speaks of small businesses and their over-worked owners:

“The vast majority of small business owners want nothing to do with figuring out a website. They are neck-deep in their business trying to keep it going.” – Andrew Yang

Getting online might be one of your many priorities – but how can you actually find the time to build your website when you’re juggling so many other tasks? How can you ensure it’s visited by the millions of wealthy consumers you’re trying to target in the UAE? That’s really a question that a web design company essex will be here to answer.

Web Design Methods
In this piece, we want to show you why taking your company online in 2021 won’t just be the best business decision you make all year: it’ll fundamentally evolve your firm to make it more profitable and more efficient.

To make that argument, our web design company essex has set out the following sections of this piece, so that you can scroll to the bits that mean the most to you:

  • All good websites are born from good plans. Make one alongside us before you get the ball rolling.
  • Getting Online. How you’ll make your website, either on your own or with the help of our expert web designers.
  • Your website won’t function well until it’s optimised. Taking your company online won’t be complete until you perform this crucial step.
  • Marketing. A website without a marketing plan is a tree falling in a forest with no one there to hear it. It’s like not having a website at all.
  • Ongoing Changes. The paint never dries on a website. Learn how to keep your site relevant and up-to-date in this final part of our guide.

Right then; without further ado, let’s see how you’re going to make use of essex web design to carve yourself your very own corner of the internet from which to unfurl your stall.


There are nearly 2 billion websites online today. Many of them are hopelessly designed, which means consumers will never spend longer than a second or two on them. Many others are extinct or dormant. And many have seen hundreds of thousands of dirhams of investment in them, only to fail in their purpose to drive new profits for their firm.

Any good web design company in essex is aware of the risk of creating an obsolete and shunned website. It’s a great way of burning cash and time. And it’s always the result of a lack of forethought and planning.

“My rule of thumb is build a site for a user, not a spider.” – Dave Naylor

Dave Naylor’s dead right: your website needs to be built with the user in mind. A spider might crawl at lightning speed across a website, but it’s a user who will dwell, inspect, remember, critique, and ultimately buy.

That means doing a little bit of imaginative role play, and pretending that you’re searching for a company like yours online. What will they expect? What will they appreciate? We’ve got a shortlist of factors we always ask our clients to consider when they use the services of our web design company essex:

  • Design a logo and branding materials to reflect your business’ ethos and to fit the expectations of your end user.
  • What kind of pages will your end user expect? Are they looking for simple eCommerce pages? Perhaps a blog and how-to guides?
  • Make sure your home page is similar to your competitors in Essex, the UK, and elsewhere. The strongest performers in your industry will often have the best websites.

“You have to start with the basic premise that you need to know what your competition is doing.” – Guy Kawasaki

Show us your competitors from the start – and a portfolio of the websites that you like the most. Search online for the best web design trends too, and pick out your favourite. That’ll help us hit the ground running when it comes to your own bespoke website build.

imagesGetting Online

With those planning essentials out of the way, it’ll be time to build your website and to get online in Essex.

To do this, you have three main options, based on the availability of time you have at your disposal, and your ability to fund the creation of a winning website in Essex.

  • Go it alone. This option is for time-rich and cash-poor firms. You’ll get a website, it just won’t be very impressive.
  • Get online fast. The middle-ground option. Here, you’ll use a web design company Essex to build your website – but with an emphasis on speed and value, rather than prestige and tailor-made features.
  • The complete package. Finally, if you have a little more time and more can to spend, we recommend getting online with a bespoke, fully-designed and equipped website.

Go it Alone

All web design companies in Essex will point to DIY website builders and templates as the bare minimum tools you can use independently to get online. Fewer Essex web design firms will recommend that you take this route, because it can quickly get messy, infuriating, and counter-productive.

WordPress, Wix, GoDaddy and other DIY website builders all offer an interface which they claim to be simple enough for a novice to use. You’ll still need tips – these ones are great – to get started. And you may still need a web design firm to step in to help you if you run into complications.

“Authenticity, honesty, and personal voice underlie much of what’s successful on the Web.” – Rick Levine

The biggest benefit of going it alone is that you’ll create a very authentic website. The downside is that it’ll be far less functional than one built by a web design company in Essex. As we always argue: a website has been proven to have an ROI that’s linked to the quality of the website. Why go small, and get a small ROI, when you can go big and experience a huge jump in sales?

The biggest decisions you’ll have to make at this stage are the name of your domain (what consumers will search for in their browser’s URL bar) and how much you pay for hosting. A handy guide on these questions is available here.

Get Online Fast

Your second option is the middle path. We recommend it for companies looking to capitalise on a sudden opportunity, or young firms testing their profitability in Essex and the UK.

This option will leave you mercifully free of the responsibility to create your website on your own, with the added benefit that the web design company Essex that you work with will charge you far less than they would for a fully-bespoke option. It’s time-cheap, and it’s cash-cheap, too.

Getting online fast with the help of Essex web designers means handing over your plans, and stepping aside as your dedicated team of techno-whizzes gets to work fast to build you a fully-functioning website. We’ve completed such websites to a week when clients have been rushed. It’s a 100-metre dash where building a bespoke website is a little more like a marathon. But it’s good fun – and you’ll be provided with a top-quality site at the end of your journey.

“The internet affords a level of relationship with consumers hitherto unfathomable.” – Lucas Donat

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your web design needs mirrors what Lucas Donat has said about the power of the internet for businesses. We build the website, so you can build the relationships. We take care of the technical details, and you take care of your business. It’s that simple.

imagesThe Complete Package

We’re about to get onto the ‘optimising’ section of this guide and, to be honest, if you don’t build a high-quality website from the get-go, you’re going to have more optimising to do over the following months and years.

This option – involving spending more cash on your website, getting it built from the ground up, and having our expert designers produce something market-leading for your firm – is the top tier. We recommend this option to medium-sized firms and highly-competitive businesses looking to boost their Essex SEO so that they effectively conquer their market.

Again, you’ll hand our essex web design company your plan. We’ll consult with you and reach consensus on how we’ll build your website. Then we’ll leave no stone unturned in our search for the optimal build for your site. We’ll use cutting-edge industry knowledge to get there. The design will be holistic, in that it’ll take your essex digital marketing requirements into account from the get-go. And we’ll be building a site that has the ability to scale at speed – in the event that your firm takes off in Essex, UK, and across Europe.


When you take your business online, you can either go it alone, outsource it on the cheap, or invest more cash in a bespoke website that’s built to last. The smaller your investment in the initial site, the higher your future investments will be when you seek to optimise your website. That means you’ll be requiring the services of a web design company Essex again some time after your site is built.

“On the Internet, speed matters. According to research by Microsoft, Google, and others, if a website is even 250 milliseconds slower than a rival, people will visit it less often.” – Marvin Ammori

Tweaking your firm to avoid losing traffic needlessly is a key component of web maintenance. It’s time for another few statistics to underscore why optimisation will be a business strategy you simply cannot ignore once you have made your home on the web:

  • It only takes 05 seconds for a user to form a base opinion of your website. If that opinion is poor, they’re likely to leave within a second.
  • Over half of consumers would never recommend a business that has a poorly-designed website.
  • Over a third of web users will leave a website if they find the content or layout unattractive.
  • Interestingly, users linger on a home page’s main image for 6 seconds on average. Clearly, getting that image right is crucial for their ongoing journey.

You’re just not going to be able to lasso web visitors and drag them towards your sales pages if they’re put off by your home page. This is exactly what’s meant when web marketing gurus talk about the difference between traffic and engagement. This is termed the conversion rate, and it’s the key metric that all of your optimisation will check and channel.

Why? Because this is one of the easiest ways to boost your profits, as web design guru Jeff Eisenberg has said.

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” – Jeff Eisenberg

Our essex web design company is focused on that conversion rate. We’re here to boost it – through savvy optimisation, which you can pay for on a case-by-case basis, after consultation with our team.


Much fanfare is created when a company launches a website. They set their social media platforms ablaze with links, and they tell their friends and family all about the latest step their business has taken in the world of commerce. They get a spike in their traffic for a week or two. Then… nothing.

imagesWe don’t just operate a web design company in essex – we’re also a essex digital marketing agency familiar with boosting the performance of web pages on the Google.co.uk domain in particular. We’ve helped dozens of firms increase their essex SEO, get seen by hundreds more people, and convert visitors into customers through harnessing relevant keywords and targeted advertisements.

“Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ — it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic.’” – Adam Audette

In that sense, we very much follow the advice of Adam Audette, whose wisdom in the digital marketing domain is virtually unparalleled. Getting 10,000 visits to a website that only 1,000 people will be remotely interested in isn’t a great start. Getting 1,000 people looking at your website, and having 900 take an interest, is far more preferable.

And that’s the duty of marketing: to find you those people, and to deliver them directly to your home pages and your products pages. All of the best web design agencies in essex will offer the following marketing methods – which we’re pleased to offer as part of our services:

  • SEO Boosting. Search Engine Optimisation. Get yourself onto the first page of Google’s search results with our help in boosting your keyword presence and key phrase matching.
  • PPC Advertising. Pay-Per-Click adverts. What they say on the tin: you only pay when a user clicks on your advert, which is usually a good sign that they’re interested in your brand.
  • Social Media. Influencer marketing has officially taken off in essex – especially for hospitality firms, which use stars with thousands of followers to promote their venue, menu, and brand.
  • Content Marketing. Looking to share more about your brand, services, and products? Producing five-star content, both video and written blog posts, will have a huge impact on your ability to market your firm online.

“Companies are rushing headlong into content today, and rightly so. It’s a battle to get noticed online amidst the noise and crowds.” – Adam Audette

Our web design company essex is focused on building traffic that’s relevant to your website, and ticking up that conversation rate. To do that, we look at your website’s data, in the back-end. That means we can offer you to-the-minute, real-time updates on all of your marketing drives at any time. Neil Patel, SEO guru and data analyst, has a wonderful guide on how this works on his website.

Ongoing Changes

Well, let’s take a quick breather to look at all you’ll have achieved if you followed the above advice.

  • You’ll have planned your website, so that whoever designs it has a firm idea of where it’s heading.
  • You’ve made your website: it’s now live on the world wide web for all citizens of essex to find.
  • You’ve tinkered with your pages in a quest to optimise your website, generating a higher conversion rate as a result.
  • Your energies have been redirected to marketing your website to relevant and interested essex consumers.

Now, all you’ll have to worry about are smaller and less impactful changes to the plumbing of your website. These might require our web design company essex to take a look at your back-end code for a day or two, tidying it up as the internet evolves and your website drifts out of date.

It’ll also, of course, mean continuing to pay for your domain name, as well as building up your privacy and security as you scale. These maintenance responsibilities are well explained by this piece by LifeHack.

“What you do after you create your content is what truly counts.” – Gary Vaynerchuk


Creating a website for a business of any size is a huge and exciting step for a firm to take. We’re always delighted to make contact with a new essex business – which is keen on generating revenue by being present in the online space. As always, we’re here for a chat whenever you feel ready to enquire about our services.

Take your company online in essex by talking with a trusted web design company essex, and getting the ball rolling on your site’s planning phase.

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