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Landing Page Design Tips by Professional Web designer in London to Drive Conversion

In 2021, the world has over 4.6 billion Internet users (up from 2 billion in 2010). Businesses use websites to attract these netizens. Today, there are 1.8 billion websites.
Now, imagine your websites among those billions of websites. How do you stand apart from the crowd to grab the attention of your audience?
Here is when your site’s appearance can make a difference. Your web designer in London helps you get a website that solely belongs to you. The platform impresses the search engine and attracts your potential customers.
Why is Website Design Important?
Do you know that over 50% of mobile users visit a company’s website to shop online? Also, more than 73% of professional website designers believe non-responsive design of a website is a big reason people leave a website.
If you still aren’t convinced that you should hire a website designer in London, then you should know that at least 50% of consumers say they form an image about a business after seeing its website. 
Landing Page Design Tips to Drive Conversions
Now, even if you have decided to work with an experienced website designing company for your website, there is no guarantee that the results will be in your favour.
As the landing page is the first thing that users notice about your website, it becomes incredibly essential to work on the landing page.
Here are some tips to make your landing page capacitive and engaging:
Minimum Text
Of course, your official website is an opportunity to provide your customers with detailed information about your business. However, the landing page is all about offering information with minimum text.
Rather than overwhelming your visitors with long paragraphs, choose only a few words to provide visitors with the most essential information.
The rule of thumb is: show, and not tell. When it comes to the landing page, you should focus on attracting visitors with images. The best is to create a combination of pictures, texts, and meaningful phrases.
Ensure that images and phrases that you choose are attractive, meaningful, and engaging.
Simple User Interface
Many people have a hunch that a landing page is all about lots of colours, but this is not true. Although the page must be attractive, it needs to be simple and easy to navigate. Your visitors must be quickly able to understand what they need to know about a business.
It means your website designer in London needs to make your website’s landing page clean, attractive, and easy to navigate.
Powerful CTA
Call to action, also known as CTA, is a way of getting conversions. It is a button on your landing page that encourages your visitors to take your services.
When it comes to creating CTA, it shouldn’t be simple. For example, CTAs like ‘choose us’ or ‘buy now’ aren’t capable of convincing your visitors to invest in your services. 
To create an impressive CTA, pay attention to its colours, visuals, and texts. Make sure it’s easy to notice in your landing page. Also, it must be telling visitors what to expect from when clicking on the CTA. For example, a CTA like ‘download e-book’ tells visitors that they are going to get an e-book.
The Internet is filled with lots of online free landing page templates, but they do not represent your brand. When you work with a web designer in London, the professional creates a landing page from scratch. In this way, you get a landing page that totally belongs to you and represents your business.
In the End
If you wish to get a landing page for your website, then choose So Creative as your website designer in London. We help you get a landing page that effectively attracts your visitors and makes them aware of your brand.

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