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Very Important Questions to Ask Your Lead Generation Company in London

Are you thinking of hiring a lead generation company in London for marketing & lead generation? Learn what you should ask the agency to make an informed decision. Find what kinds of important questions you must ask it to ensure that its professionals are capable of generating strong leads for your business.

As per a recent Hubspot report, more than 60% of marketers accept that lead generation is a top-ranking challenge for them. It means lead generation is not everyone’s cup of tea, and only the best lead generation agency in London is capable of getting results for you.

However, finding and hiring a lead generation company in the UK is challenging in many ways. From spotting a dedicated lead gen agency to examining its portfolio, you need to take care of many things to choose the best professionals for the job.

We’ve created a list of some important questions that can help you shortlist the right agency for your lead generation objectives. Here are they:

What types of businesses do you usually target?

It is incredibly important to know whether or not the chosen company is capable of generating leads for your organisation. The simplest way to do so is to find out if the agency has worked for companies like yours in the past.

Ask the lead generation agency in London about the businesses and sectors it targets. Look at their client list and check whether or not they are people from your industry.

Don’t fall for a company that doesn’t have anything to show you or one that hesitates to provide you with a list of its past clients.

How do you engage prospective clients?

After collecting information on the types of industries the lead generation company in London serves, the next thing to know is its approach to engage people.

The best lead generation company in the UK will have a dedicated approach that explains how it targets prospective clients and engages them.
If the company provides you with a blanket response, consider it a red flag.

What lead generation techniques may work for our business?

Once you are sure that the agency has the ability to engage your potential clients, it’s time to learn about its lead generation techniques to be on the safer side.

A great company will have a variety of approaches to contact new potential clients, engage them, and convert them into leads. When talking to the agency about your objectives around marketing & lead gen in London, narrow down the focus to learn about its approach.

What do you know about our business?

The best lead generation company is one that collects all the useful information about its customers. Before moving to the hiring process, learn whether or not the agency has done its homework.

Ask the company what it knows about your business. Also, find out if the agency has gathered data on your customers and their views on your business.


The best lead generation company in the UK won’t hesitate to answer your questions. Also, it will keep you in the loop to ensure that its efforts are on track to meet your objectives.

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