Website Design in London: Top 5 Widely-Believed Myths Debunked!

Website Design in London: Top 5 Widely-Believed Myths Debunked!

Believing in myths can hurt your business’ website design in London. There are several misconceptions related to website ownership, but they should be avoided to strengthen your online presence. It’s no secret that a website’s design is a critical factor in its success in today’s digital era. Do you know at least 50% of users believe a website’s design is important for the overall branding of a business? Also, around 42% of users say they leave a website immediately if its design is poor. There are many other studies which suggest that design is an integral part of a website. For example, if you are a UK-based business, a London web design agency can help you improve your online presence throughout the world online. However, there are many businesses and people in the UK who hesitate to hire web design agencies in London due to some myths and false notions in the industry. Here are some of them that you shouldn’t believe at all:

Myth 1: Your Website Can’t Engage All Kinds of Users

The world has more than 4.6 million Internet users, and they belong to different age groups. There’s a misconception that a website can either attract a young user or a baby boomer.

Truth: There are plenty of common things between baby boomers and millennials. For example, both prefer a website with large fonts and an easy-to-navigate appearance. 

Myth 2: All Types of Designs are the Same

Lots of people in the UK think they don’t need a unique website design in London for their website and can copy other sites’ design. In addition, there are businesses too that believe both an eCommerce store and a blog are the same.

Truth: Each business is unique, so is its website. It is a company’s online face, which helps tell people about its vision, products/services, people, and culture. It means a business must have its own website.

Myth 3: Focus Only on the Homepage

There’s a common myth among many UK-based businesses that people only visit a website’s homepage, so all the efforts should be put on the main page. 

Truth: In the modern digital era, netizens navigate through the entire website of a business to understand it and its services. They invest in it only when they are 100% sure that the business can be trusted.

Myth 4: Desktop Version is Sufficient

This myth is not entirely false, but it was true several years ago when people were only using desktops to use the Internet. 

Truth: The UK has more than 65 million Internet users, and at least 58.3 million of them access the Internet through their mobiles. And, it has been found in many recent studies that people leave a website when it doesn’t open well on a mobile. It means a website must be optimized for different types of devices.

Myth 5: Design Doesn’t Help in SEO

It’s a myth that people have been believing for years. They have a hunch that the design part is only associated with appearance and nothing else is associated with it.

Truth: The best web design agencies in London create SEO-friendly websites that help improve your site’s chances to rank well on search engines. From mobile-friendliness and readability, there are multiple things that a website designer can do for your website to help it in ranking well on search engines. 

To Summarise

Website design in London is an integral part of the online presence of your business over the Internet. If you are in search of the best web design agency in London to create a unique website for your business, then come to So-Creative. Contact us.

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