How Much Does A Website Cost UK- A Guide To How Much Websites Cost

How Much Does A Website Cost UK- A Guide To How Much Websites Cost

If you’re looking to purchase a website in the UK but aren’t certain of the costs involved, this blog will discuss how much does a website cost UK

Buying a ready-made website is often the first choice for most businesses, as building a website from scratch takes a considerable amount of time and effort that some people may not be able to provide. However, how much do websites typically cost in the UK?

Although website costs can vary according to a variety of factors, you can expect a website to typically cost between £0-£50,000+. More functional and convenient websites tend to be on the pricier end.

Buying a website instead of building one from scratch is a great route to take if you can’t spend time building one yourself. It’s efficient and effective, ultimately boosting productivity in the long run. Keep reading to learn more about how much a website costs in the UK!

Types of Websites And Their Costs

An important factor to remember is that there isn’t a set price on how much websites costs. The costs vary according to factors like features and functionality, as well as where/who you’re purchasing the website from.

Standard Websites

A standard website is one that is often built using a DIY website-building platform. These websites use ready-made templates, which typically results in websites looking similar to one another.

You can expect a standard website to cost around £0-£1000. If you’re looking to buy a website on a budget and don’t want to break the bank, this is a great option, as you’ll usually only need to pay for your domain hosting. However, it’s essential to note that standard websites may not be as effective and functional, as the risk of limitations is high.

Custom Websites

Custom websites typically involve a developer that completely customises your website to your liking. Since different website developers will have their own prices, you can budget around £1000-£5000 for a custom-made website.

Custom websites are usually used by small businesses that want their website to be integrated with their other social media platforms. Custom websites are perfect if you want some extra bells and whistles, as the developer will ensure the website meets your standard.

eCommerce Websites

eCommerce websites can be pretty similar to custom websites, as both require tailored solutions and features in order to be functional and fulfill their purpose. Since these types of websites require a great amount of customisation, you can expect to purchase an eCommerce website for around £3000-£25,000.

Advanced Websites

On the highest end of the price scale, there are advanced and bespoke websites. These websites typically tend to be used by larger companies and are carefully and specifically designed to fulfill their function/s.

Since these websites have a higher level of functionality and aren’t made with standard templates, you can expect advanced websites to cost about £10,000-£50,000.

Top Benefits of Having a Website

A well-designed website is often a pivotal factor that can contribute to a business’s success or downfall. Some may not know the importance of having a good website, but it’s ultimately the face of the company and can make or break your reputation. The benefits of having a website are as follows:

Final Thoughts

Although the impact of websites may seem minimal, an awesome website can do wonders for the success of a business!

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