7 Times You Need a Website Designer in London to Update Your Website

7 Times You Need a Website Designer in London to Update Your Website

Users require only 0.05 seconds to decide whether or not they like your website. What’s scarier? Around 57% of netizens say they don’t recommend a website with a poor design.

If your business doesn’t have an attractive website or experience bounce rate, you need to revamp your site with the services of website design in London. An experienced, knowledgeable web designer in London will help you improve the design of your website, improve its navigation, and make it SEO-friendly to enable your business to grow online.

Please note that unattractive design isn’t the only reason to revamp your website. From low-quality to security, there are plenty of reasons to treat your site with the services of web design and web development in London.

Now, the question is: How do you know your website needs to be redesigned? Here are some reasons to hire a website designer in London to change the current design of your site:

Unattractive Visual Appeal

Your website is the online face of your business. Similar to your company’s building, your website must be appealing because it is the first thing that people see about your business online.

As per a Hubspot report, around 38% of visitors don’t interact with a website if it’s unattractive. To ensure that your visitors don’t leave your website, make sure that your website has an attractive appearance.

Also, if you’re using a pre-built web design template, hire a website designer to give your site a unique and appealing appearance.

Poor Quality Content

In addition to the appearance of your website, what you’ve posted on it matters a lot. Apart from low-quality or copied content, several other issues are associated with the content – they include difficult-to-read text format, unavailability of white space on the page, and too much information.

Professional services of web design in London can help improve the appearance of your website and make everything on it easy to read.

High Bounce Rate

In the case of bounce rate, high isn’t a good term. A website having a high bounce rate means people are visiting the website but leaving it quickly or aren’t visiting other pages. From poor design to broken pages, there are plenty of reasons behind a website’s high bounce rate.

If your website is having more than 40% bounce rate, then there’s something not-good about the site. Hire a website designer and company of web development in London to improve your site and get a low bounce rate.

Complex Navigation

According to around 88% of online consumers, they don’t visit a website again if it leaves them with a bad experience. When your website confuses visitors or doesn’t provide an easy way to navigate through the platform easily, they leave the site and look for an alternative.

When lots of people are leaving your website due to its complex navigation, then it’s time to revamp it.

High Page Load Time

Let’s accept it: We live in a world where people have access to high-speed Internet, and they don’t have time to wait for several seconds to let a website load a page. If your website doesn’t load in just a few seconds, most of your visitors leave.

When you notice that your website has an issue with the page load time, it’s time to hire a professional web designer in London. The expert will design your website to make it quickly load.

Unavailability of Mobile-friendliness

According to the latest reports, the world now has 5.31 billion unique mobile users, and many of them use their devices to find and get services online. Also, they use mobiles to collect information on a business before investing in its services.

In case your website doesn’t have a mobile-friendly design, there are high chances that you lose visitors. To make sure that you don’t lose your visitors, hire website design services in London to get a mobile-friendly website.

Unfavourable for SEO

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your website design is or how much you have spent on your site’s design, if it is not capable of appearing among top results on search engines, it’s not worth your effort.

Hire an experienced agency for website design in London and to get a site that ranks well on search engines.

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