5 Reasons You Need the Best Web Design Agency in London for Your Business

5 Reasons You Need the Best Web Design Agency in London for Your Business

Do you know a netizen takes less than 0.05 seconds to decide whether or not they like your website? If your website fails to create first impressions, people never visit it again. It doesn’t matter how useful your products or services are, people move to the step of hiring your business online only when they find your website attractive. Apart from that, there are many other reasons to hire the best web design agency in London.

Whether you operate a brick and mortar store or an online shop, it is necessary to have your business website. In today’s technology-friendly era, where the world has more than 4.6 billion Internet users (around 60% of the global population), a website helps promote a business online. It enables you to grab global attention and get customers from different regions worldwide.

Even if your business offers products/services within London, a website can be a useful weapon in your marketing arsenal. Instead of creating your website design and developing the website on your own, you should hire the best web design company in London. Here’s why:

95% of First Impressions are Related to a Website’s Design

The appearance of your website can make or break the game for your business. An attractive, fast, and easy-to-navigate site creates a great first impression. On the other hand, a poorly-designed website makes visitors leave the site immediately and never return.

The best web design agency in London has professionals who use their knowledge and skills to design a website that stands out. They help create a design that attracts your potential customers and make it easy for them to navigate through the platform.

Around 75% of Website Credibility is Due to Design

A well-designed website not only creates first impressions but also helps gain potential clients’ trust. When you don’t invest time and resources in creating an online platform that becomes the face of your business online, you lose credibility with your audience.

The best website design company designs a website that shows the online world that your business is legit. It helps create a connection with the audience and gain their trust.

89% of Shoppers Move to Competitors After Poor Website Experience

When it comes to online shopping, netizens have endless options. Thanks to globalisation, shoppers can order products/services from any part of the world today. If they don’t like a website’s design or its functionality, they immediately move to its competitors.

When you hire the best web design company in London, you get an e-commerce store that lets people stick to the website. They design your online shop in a manner that it leaves shoppers with a pleasant experience.

74% Users Prefer Mobile-Friendly Website

As of 2019, the UK had 55.5 million smartphone users (over 82% of its population). Many of them are Londoners. They often use their mobiles to search for online services and products they require. When you don’t have a website that functions effectively on a small screen, you have a high chance of losing customers.

Hire the best website design firm to get a site that works efficiently on all kinds of smart devices.

90% of Customers Continue Shopping After Great Experience

It has been found that people return to an online store only when they have a great shopping experience with a business. If you fail to impress your audience in the first attempt, you lose at least 90% of your customers.

Professional website designers create a website after analysing your business and its customers. They design a platform that stands out in the herd and provides a memorable shopping experience to your customers.


Your website’s appearance can make or break the game for your business online. Hire the best web design company in London that helps you create an attractive, fully-functional, and quick-to-load website.

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