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The Favela Foundation

Client: The Favela Foundation, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Date:December 2017

Type: Videography

The Favela Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation aiming to provide education for all in some of Brazil’s poorest areas. They work alongside local projects in Brazil, supporting them to give new opportunities to those most in need, achieving real results and change along the way.

The Favela Foundation was set up in 2017 with a very simple aim, to promote the development and growth of sustainable social and educational projects in the favelas of Brazil.

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The Challenge

We were tasked with creating two high quality videos which could not only be used at the official launch of The Favela Foundation at Cabana in Brixton but also ongoing across Facebook & other platforms as informative snapshots of the foundation’s ethos and mission.

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The Process

Working with the chair & co-founder Patrick, our production team got to work creating a pair of videos. Using existing and also stock footage, our videographers pieced together two high quality videos for the Favela Foundation.

Short Description


Two excellent videos which were previewed at the launch party of the Favela Foundation!

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