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Stowe House

Client:  Stowe House, Buckinghamshire, UK

Date:January 2018

Type: Social Media Management and Lead Generation

Stowe house is a grade 1 listed country house in Stowe, Buckinghamshire. The house is set in the middle of the stunning gardens of The National Trust Stowe and is steeped in over 300 years of history. With three breathtaking state rooms, the house hosts both weddings and corporate bookings.

Despite it’s incredible setting and breathtaking architecture, Stowe house was struggling to fill it’s available wedding dates for 2019. By moving their marketing budget to Social Media and in doing so, spending it more efficiently, we aimed to show the venue off to a much wider audience.

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The Challenge

The management at Stowe gave us a simple task; to dramatically increase the number of people who were aware that the house is available as a wedding venue. Using the imagery available to us, we created an advertising campaign geared around incredibly eye-catching landing pages, which lead people to download Stowe’s wedding brochure. This leaves the venue with the data required to follow up each and every lead.

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The Process

We set about testing the most effective audience to target our advertising to. Having done so, we created and tested the most eye catching and effective adverts and landing pages for the venue. We were able to create a highly effective advertising campaign with costs of only £0.34 per click and a 44% conversion rate within 2 weeks.

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The Result

By testing over 90 different combinations of adverts, we settled on the 6 most effective within one week. Our marketing then implemented a campaign that lead to a significant rise in brochure downloads, wedding enquiries and booking figures for the venue. 

The facts:

105,823 Impressions

320% Increase in Leads

87 Leads in Month 1

260% Increase in Bookings

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