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Lean Student Chef

Client: Lean Student Chef – Tunbridge Wells, UK

Date: December 2018

Type: Branding & Design, Website Creation & Social Media Management


Lean Student Chef, an influencer with over 60,000 followers creates video food recipes & provides fitness plans and training advice, nationwide. They also review products & create recipe content for brands.

LSC initially wanted us to create their branding & a website so that they could sell fitness plans, review products & integrate a blog connected to a weekly email in order to more effectively connect with their rapidly growing Instagram profile & portray a highly professional image to customers and future partners.

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The Challenge

We were tasked with creating the branding, a website & an online marketing plan to increase the number of Instagram followers which could be used to sell online coaching & fitness plans to.

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The Process

Our existing in depth knowledge of the industry & management of a number of successful fitness models & Instagram influencers allowed us to quickly create branding & a website that fit the brief & conveyed our client’s vision perfectly across all online platforms. We then implemented a 28 day marketing campaign using content created by our design team & used Instagram PPC as well as free engagement techniques to interact with customers and rapidly grow their instagram followers.

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So-Creative created a fully optimised website, with current branding & an incredibly successful marketing plan resulting in a huge increase in the number of followers, impressions, engagements & email addresses collected & thus a substantial ROI. 

The facts:


116,000 Weekly Impressions 

6,502 Email Addresses Collected 

892% Increase in Engagement 

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